Glacier Hollen

Chief Guard Dog

Glacier Hollen functions as the Chief “guard” dog and “supervisor extraordinaire” of Frontline Financial Services. She positions herself at the entrance to the office with a clear view out the windows in every direction.  Her primary focus is napping!  She loves to lay directly in the path of anyone coming in or out of our office in hopes that they just might rub her behind the ears or spoil her with their undivided attention.

In her spare time Glacier loves a good long walk and cherishes as much time in the snow as she can possibly get. She’s a little bit of a Diva, sporting only the finest of fur in her coat. She loves to be pampered with regular “spa days” where she gets her “coat” washed and her nails “done”.  She came to live with Doug and Elaine as a 20-pound puppy in 2014 and now boasts about 120 pounds of fluff.  And if you come to visit our office, she’ll welcome you at the door with an endearing smile and a wag of her beautiful curly tail.